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  • 16 Tonnes per hour dry rolling barley @14.5%

  • 30 Tonnes per hour crimping barley @ 35%

  • Solid or Tubular Rollers

  • EN24T shafts

  • Hydraulic driven elevator

  • Short or extended chassis (for adding products into mix)

  • Hydraulic elevator positioning

  • 110 HP requirement

10,000 Range >> Specifications
  • All Rollers in the Cross range of Roller Mills are manufactured in house. This leaves the customer with peace of mind when it comes to quality and backup service. 

  • Tubular Rollers are made from heavy duty tube steel which is turned and grooved in the Cross Factory. The Shafts in the rollers are made from the highest quality EN24T steel.  

  • Solid Rollers are turned down from one solid piece of EN24T steel. 

  • Cross are the only company in Ireland which offer the whole in-house service of manufacturing and re-conditioning rollers. All Rollers can be reconditioned numerous times to guarantee the longest life of the machine possible. 

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